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Ultrasound For the Whole Family

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A Physician Referral or Order is required prior to doing a Medical Ultrasound


"Heart Ultrasound"

Echocardiograms are an Ultrasound of the Heart. This is a test that evaluates the chambers of the heart, valves, heart muscle and blood flow within the heart

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Pelvic-GYN Ultrasound

We perform both Pelvic Transabdominal and Pelvic Transvaginal ultrasounds.  These studies (TA or TV) can be ordered independently or done together in a complete exam. The TA portion requires full bladder.
Pelvic TA - more INFO >>>
Pelvic TV-  more INFO >>>

Vein (Venous) Ultrasound

Venous Doppler or Venous Duplex ultrasounds are performed if a blood clot or circulation issue is suspected. We perform both arm venous and leg venous studies.  More INFO >>>>

Carotid Artery Ultrasound

Carotid Arteries are located in your neck on both RT and LT sides. This ultrasound evaluates the blood flow to your brain through the carotid vessels which have branches that feed your brain, tongue, eyes, face etc.

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Artery (Arterial) Ultrasound

Artery or Arterial ultrasounds are performed on both arms or legs to evaluate the the blood flow that goes to a specific limb or area.
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Transplant Ultrasound

Transplant Ultrasounds that we perform are for Liver and kidney transplants. Anatomy of the new organ and blood flow is evaluated. 

Abdominal Doppler More INFO>>>

Fertility-Follicular Ultrasound

Fertility patients often get ultrasound to assess the uterus and ovaries for follicle or cyst development. Picture Perfect Ultrasound works with many fertility clinics to provide this necessary testing whenever a patient needs it.

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Abdomen Ultrasound

Abdomen Ultrasound includes evaluation of the Liver, Gallbladder, Kidneys, Pancreas, Spleen and Bile Ducts.  

This is a Fasting ultrasound requiring an 8 hour fast.

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Thyroid Ultrasound

The thyroid lies in the lower neck and has a RT/Midline/LT gland portion. No prep for this exam. 

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OB Ultrasound (Pregnancy)

Picture Perfect Ultrasound performs pregnancy, Obstetric ultrasounds for all trimesters; first, second & third trimester. Depending on what stage of pregnancy will determine if it is done on top of belly or Transvaginally.

More Info OB < 14 weeks...

More Info OB> 14 weeks...

Abdominal Doppler Ultrasound

Abdomen Doppler ultrasounds evaluate different blood vessels that feed or bring blood to certain organs in the belly. We perform all types of abdominal doppler and evaluate many types of organs.  More INFO>>>

Groin Ultrasound

Groin Ultrasounds are performed to evaluate for lymph nodes, hernia or other inguinal lumps.

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Bladder Ultrasound

Bladder Ultrasounds are performed with a full bladder and then after voiding, the bladder is reassessed to determine if there is an post void residual.   More INFO>>>

Elective Gender Reveal Ultrasound

We begin our Gender Reveal Elective Ultrasounds starting at 17 weeks pregnant and beyond. This is a 2D (B/W) ultrasound to find out the gender of your baby, see baby move and hear the heartbeat. More INFO>>>

Kidney Ultrasound

Kidney or Renal ultrasounds are routinely performed. In some cases depending on clinical history, blood flow to the kidneys are assessed. 
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Testicular Ultrasound

Scrotal or Testicular ultrasounds are performed very often on men to evaluate the testicles, epididymis, scrotum and surrounding structures. No prep for this exam. 

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Biophysical Profile Ultrasound

(Fetal Wellbeing)

Fetal wellbeing or Biophysical profile assessments are usually done in the third trimester but can be performed as needed in the second. We evaluate for fluid, breathing, fetal tone and fetal movement as well as placenta.

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Soft Tissue Ultrasound

Soft Tissue ultrasound is for evaluating muscle, fat, tendon or ligaments, palpable lumps, injury related masses etc. in various parts of the body. 

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Hernia Ultrasound

Hernia ultraounds are performed in various areas of the body. Most commonly the middle of the belly around belly button, the groin and pubic areas. More INFO>>>

Aorta Ultrasound

Aorta Ultrasounds evaluate the main artery in our body core midline that brings blood to organs and legs. This test helps rule out AAA or abdominal aortic aneurysms. More INFO >>>

Elective 2D-3D-4D Ultrasound Packages

This elective ultrasound session includes 2D (b/w) and 3D-4D ultrasounds. We begin these sessions starting from 17 weeks until 32 weeks pregnant. For more details go to the Elective Ultrasound packages page.

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All ultrasounds done at Picture Perfect Ultrasound are performed by Ultrasound Specialists (Sonographers) that are registered and credentialed with ARDMS or RCIS-RCS 

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