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Hernia Ultrasound

This type of ultrasound requires a physician order or referral prior to beginning of exam. 

A hernia occurs due to a breach in the integrity of the tissue layers of the peritoneum or skin. Hernias can contain bowel, omentum (fat) or other structures (or combination).

Hernias can be evaluated with ultrasound around the belly button (umbilicus), in the groin and pubic area. These exams are usually performed at rest (patient laying supine) as well as strained breath such as Valsalva maneuver to challenge the integrity of the surrounding tissues. Sometimes hernias may not be as obvious at rest and therefore straining breath or performing the Valsalva maneuver will put extra pressure on that area and a hernia may then be seen.

Hernia Ultrasound

Groin Hernia ultrasound pic.jpg

Exam Prep:

There is usually no prep required in evaluating hernias except for undressing the area of interest and getting access to the skin.

No fasting is necessary.

Depending on where the suspected hernia is, the patient may be evaluated laying down (supine) or standing up erect. Various breathing maneuvers may be required to challenge the tissues and thoroughly evaluate the area of concern. 

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