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For Our Patients

Picture Perfect Ultrasound performs all types of Diagnostic-Medical ultrasounds are Men, Women and kids. If your doctor tells you that you need an ultrasound, here are a few things you need to know before you arrive.

All of our staff take your patient care and safety very seriously. We follow all Covid-19 and CDC guidelines for safe practices and protocols are in place to sterilize, disinfect and keep our patients and staff safe. Masks and Temperature checks may be required if mandated by the CDC or local agencies for Yellowstone County or State of Montana. Given the constant changes within our state of Montana and our nation, Picture Perfect Ultrasound will comply with all local, state and federal regulations and safety precautions as they are put into place.

All diagnostic-medical ultrasounds require a physician order (or referral). This is a document your physician will create that says what type of ultrasound you need, the diagnosis (or reason) why you need the ultrasound and other pertinent information we will need to perform your exam.  It is required prior to beginning any medical ultrasound that this referral be received.

If you are wishing to submit this ultrasound to your insurance carrier, Medicaid or Medicare, they will also require this physician order to be received prior to processing your claim. Our staff at Picture Perfect Ultrasound will ensure we have received your referral or doctor order prior to having you come to our office.  

Some types of ultrasounds do require a prep or possibly fasting. You will be notified by our office on whether or not your particular exam ordered requires this special instruction or not. Our staff will call you a day prior to your appointment to remind you of any prep, your appointment time and any pertinent instructions. 



What To Bring To Your Appointment:

  • Drivers License

  • Insurance Cards (Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, IHS or other) If you have primary and secondary insurances, please bring both cards with you.

  • Referral or Physician Order (if you are hand carrying it)

  • If the patient is under 18, they will need to be accompanied by a parent or supervising adult for paperwork and processing.

You will fill out paperwork once you arrive at our office but in the event you need to complete paperwork early, here are the necessary forms to fill out for diagnostic-medical ultrasounds. 

Process Flow Chart for Picture Perfect U

How It Works...

Our staff here at Picture Perfect Ultrasound are dedicated to take great care of you! You and your referring provider can have confidence that you are receiving a quality ultrasound exam.

All of our Sonographers (Ultrasound Specialists) are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of Ultrasound. Picture Perfect Ultrasound only employs ARDMS Credentialed or RCIS-RCS Cardiac Credentialed Sonographers and each are continually advancing their knowledge and expertise with continuing education.

Every patient is treated with respect and we strive to make each person comfortable with the type of exam they are having by explaining what to expect prior to beginning. 

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Your ultrasound will be performed by a licensed, credentialed Sonographer and then your images, history and paperwork will be sent to an interpreting physician, called a Radiologist. A Radiologist is a licensed physician who specializes in reviewing and interpreting Ultrasound, MRI, CT Scan, X-rays and more. 


The physician group of Radiologists that Picture Perfect Ultrasound uses is called ERA (Eastern Radiological Associates). One of these physicians will interpret your ultrasound and this report will go two places: It will be kept in your patient chart at Picture Perfect Ultrasound but it will also immediately go to your referring physician. Your doctor or provider, will then have the ultrasound images and final report to review and go over with you as a patient. 


Picture Perfect Ultrasound will not disclose you results with you as a patient until you have had the opportunity to meet with your physician. If your exam is a positive alert or has a concerning finding, we will make a phone call to speak with your physician prior to you leaving. In this instance, a preliminary report is required. 

Do you have Insurance or a type of coverage that we can process for you?

At your ultrasound appointment, we will ask if you have insurance or any other type of coverage. Our front desk staff will ask for that information and take a copy of those insurance or coverage cards. If you would like to see if we are In-Network with your particular carrier, go to the Payments Page of our website.  If you are unsure, you can call us at (406) 969-4340 and we can find out for you. Picture Perfect Ultrasound accepts all major carriers and is in-network with many coverage plans.

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Take a Tour of Picture Perfect Ultrasound so you can see our office, exam rooms and great location! Our office is clean and comfortable and we strive to make your experience with us great!

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is conveniently located between downtown and west-end of Billings Montana. We are a ground level office space, easy for patients of all ages to park and enter. We are handicap accessible and have plentiful parking. 

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Already a Patient? 


Do you need your Ultrasound records sent to a different provider or do you need a copy for your own records? If so, you can request your medical records by filling out this form choosing one of the three options to get it to us:

Picture Perfect Ultrasound

1216 16th Street West

Suite 21

Billings, MT 59102

Click Here

Please note: The Provider or Doctor who ordered your ultrasound will automatically get a copy of your results. If you need to have results sent to an additional provider or you need a copy for your own records, please fill out this form. Thanks!

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