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Testicular Ultrasound

This type of Diagnostic ultrasound requires a physician or provider order prior to performing exam.

A physician will order a testicular ultrasound if he/she is concerned about the health or wellbeing of the testes or testicles. Ultrasound can be performed on male patients of all ages. Some of the reasons why a doctor might order a testicular ultrasound are:

•Trauma to the Male genital region

•A sudden onset of pain in the testicle or scrotal area



•A mass or lump felt by patient or clinician

•Concern for an inguinal or scrotal hernia

Patients with any of these symptoms are often requested to have a testicular ultrasound performed. In this test, the sonographer will evaluate both testes (right and left) as well as the fluid around the testicles. The sac that the testicles are protected by is called the scrotum. Sometimes male patients have swelling of this scrotal sac that might indicate inflammation or infection. If a lump is felt, direct surveillance over this area is also performed.

A Testicular Ultrasound includes evaluation of both of the testicles, the epididymis, the fluid surrounding the testes as well as the scrotal sac and any other areas that appear to be concerning. Documenting blood flow to the testes is also a very important part of the ultrasound. Determining whether blood flow is present or absent helps the clinician know if there has been or is a torsion (twisting off of the blood supply to the testicle). In the event torsion is suspected or seen, this can change the treatment options given to the patient.

All patients who have to receive a testicular ultrasound are properly draped to maintain modest and respect. Warm ultrasound gel is used for patient comfort. Gentle light touch is used under the sheet to allow proper contact of the hand held ultrasound probe to each testicle.

All of the images from your ultrasound will then be sent to a Radiologist (interpreting physician) for a report to be generated for your referring physician. You will receive the results of your Ultrasound from your referring physician or the provider who ordered this ultrasound to be performed. Please refer back to the physician's office that sent you to obtain results of your ultrasound exams.

Testicular Ultrasound Prep

These ultrasounds are performed lying on your back on an exam table. You will be asked to undress from the waist down. A gown will be provided for the patient to wear if they choose. In addition to a gown, the patient will be given a sheet and 2 towels. One towel, rolled like a log, will be placed in between the male patient’s legs to help elevate the testicles from falling between the legs toward the table. 

Patients will be fully covered with a sheet and we strive to make every patient as comfortable as possible. We do use warm ultrasound gel and make every attempt to explain the details of the exam prior to beginning to alleviate any anxiety the patient may have.



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