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Picture Perfect Ultrasound is an approved Medical Provider for Ultrasound imaging and we can accept many Insurances, Medicare, Medicaid and IHS plans. 

Insurance companies typically cover Ultrasounds that are ordered by a physician or medical provider for Diagnostic purposes but are subject to plan provisions, deductibles, copays and co-insurances. Every plan is different and some require a copay while others do not. We will not gather your co-pay up front but rather process your insurance and if a co-pay is assigned and due, you will receive an invoice from Picture Perfect Ultrasound.  


Our list of Insurance companies is growing and updated frequently. For the following Insurance Companies, Picture Perfect Ultrasound is considered an "In-Network" Provider.  Note: If you do not see your company listed, please phone us at (406) 969-4340 as your particular plan may be included under the umbrella of one of the networks or plans listed below. 

  • Allegiance

  • Aetna

  • Align Networks

  • America's Choice Provider Network

  • Assurant

  • Avitus Group

  • Banner Health Systems

  • Boulder Administration Services

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield  

  • Blue Shield Medicare Advantage

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Triwest

  • Cigna

  • CNIC Health Solutions

  • Community Health Network

  • Cooperative Benefit Administrators

  • EBMS

  • EBMS SelectCare or ProCare

  • EBMS- City of Billings

  • FedMed Inc.

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Fortified Provider Network

  • GEHA

  • Health Infonet

  • Healthy Montana Kids (BCBS and Medicaid)

  • Help Plan

  • Humana

  • IHC Health

  • Indian Health Services (IHS)

  • Interwest (PPO and EPO networks)

  • MEHA

  • Medicaid

  • Medicare

  • Medicare Advantage Plans

  • Meritain Health

  • Montana Health Co-Op

  • Montana Health Systems (MHS)

  • Montana Healthy Kids

  • Montana Teamsters-Contractors/Employers Trust Montana Health Systems Inc.

  • MUST

  • Naphcare Group

  • National Rural Electric Cooperative Association

  • National Telecommunications Cooperative Association 

  • Northwest Sheet Metal Workers Health

  • Northwestern Energy ODS Health Plan

  • Pacific Source Health Plans

  • Pacific Steel & Recycling

  • Peak Health Plans

  • Preferred One

  • Principal Regional Care Inc.

  • Railroad Medicare

  • Rocky Mountain Administrators

  • Sibanye-Stillwater Mine Plans

  • Six (6) Degrees Health Network (Town Pump group)

  • Starmark

  • Sterling Insurance

  • Three Rivers Provider network

  • Network Time Insurance

  • TriCare

  • TriWest Insurance

  • Trustmark Insurance

  • UMR Union Security Insurance

  • United Healthcare

  • USAccess World Insurance

If you do not see your specific Insurance listed above and need clarification whether Picture Perfect Ultrasound is in-network or participating provider, please give us a call at (406) 969-4340 or contact your insurance company directly. 
We will be listed under ClearView Sonographics, doing business as, Picture Perfect Ultrasound.




Picture Perfect Ultrasound is a Member of RMHN (Rocky Mountain Health Network) and considered in-network provider for any additional Insurance companies affiliated with RMHN beyond what is listed above.



Self-Pay Patients




Picture Perfect Ultrasound welcomes patients that are considered "Self-Pay". For Medical ultrasounds, you can use HSA health cards or pay using one of the above credit card types (Mastercard, Visa or Discover).  I am sorry we do not accept American Express. 


We do extend a 15% (fifteen percent) discount on all diagnostic-medical ultrasounds if the patient is paying in full at time of service via a self-pay method.  If you are unable to pay in full at the time of your appointment, we do require 50% down (or half of the total exam charge) and then the remaining portion can be billed to you or a payment plan set up. Payment plan options only apply to diagnostic-medical ultrasound services. 

Patients receiving Elective Ultrasound packages: Gender Reveal (Package C),  Or Packages A or B (2D-3D-4D) are all considered out of pocket non-medical ultrasounds and therefore patients have to pay via cash, debit or credit cards. Medicaid or Insurances will not cover elective ultrasounds.

Picture Perfect Ultrasound does run promotions on social media, through radio campaigns and local events offering coupons or discounts towards our elective ultrasound packages. No further discounts can be applied. There is not a cash pay discount as these packages are already discounted. If you would like to receive one of these promotional coupons or discounts, please show that coupon or certificate at the time of checking in and we would gladly extend that discount to you! 

Gift Certificates are available for purchase on Elective Ultrasound packages A, B or C.   Use of debit, credit or cash works for purchasing gift cards.



How We Bill....

Picture Perfect Ultrasound only bills and process the TC or "technical component" of your ultrasound exam that we perform on you inside our imaging center. ERA , The physician group interpreting your ultrasound processes the PC or "professional component" of your exam.  If you choose to process Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid etc, you will not have a balance up front. Both APS and Picture Perfect Ultrasound will process their specific portions with your specific coverage and once your insurance is processed, then if a balance remains you will receive an invoice.   Picture Perfect Ultrasound does not use APS and so we have no affiliation with them. Picture Perfect Ultrasound bills in-house and uses our internal staff for billing so if you have questions regarding the invoice you receive from us, please call our office at (406) 969-4340. At check-in of your ultrasound appointment, you are given a sheet that talks about the TC and PC being separate and that you likely see two different EOB's or charges. 

ERA physician group does bill the PC only or professional component of interpretation for every medical ultrasound we perform at Picture Perfect Ultrasound.  APS is the billing company that ERA uses and you will receive a separate bill from APS for this interpretative piece of your ultrasound.   You can contact APS Billing Office at (855) 270-2792 or online at  .   If you have any billing questions about your ultrasound exam specifically, call Picture Perfect Ultrasound at (406) 969-4340.

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