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A Quality Choice in Ultrasound Imaging

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is a dedicated Ultrasound Imaging center that takes care of men, women and kids of all ages. We specialize in many aspects of diagnostic-medical ultrasound and are a quality choice in medical imaging for outpatient care. We strive to get patients in the same day or next day with results back to you that day!

Our staff of credentialed Sonographers and our state of the art ultrasound equipment ensure your patients will receive quality care and quality imaging with quick turnaround on reporting! This page has the information and resources you need to learn more about us and how you will receive results from exams.

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is Nationally Accredited facility by ACR  (American College of Radiology)

This ACR seal demonstrates Excellence in Ultrasound, Commitment to Quality Patient Care, Accurate and Timely Reporting





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Picture Perfect Ultrasound is committed to safe care taking care of Covid-19 and all variants by continual disinfection of reception surfaces, patient care areas and waiting rooms. We follow all CDC, Local and State guidelines for safe business practices in a healthcare setting. 

Based upon current restrictions or guidelines in place, patients may be required to get temperature checks, wear masks and fill out appropriate screening questionnaires. 

Would You Like to Send a Patient to Us?

There are many ways you can refer a patient for an Ultrasound:

  1. Send an automated referral from your workstation or facility that automatically faxes to us. 

  2. If your facility does not have automated referrals, you can write a script or order using your internal paperwork & fax to us.

  3. Use our general order form which is provided below to print out and fill out with pertinent information for exam you wish you to order.


  4. Have your patient hand carry your referral or order. If possible, we would prefer these faxed to us as it is required to have an exam order prior to seeing the patient but we will accept hand carried referrals.

Fax to Us:


Our Address:
1216 16th Street West
Suite 21
Billings, MT 59102

or click below

How You Get Results & Images



Every Diagnostic-Medical Ultrasound we perform at Picture Perfect Ultrasound  is interpreted the same day it is performed. Upon completion of the ultrasound, the images are sent digitally through a secure VPN network to PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System).  These images are then immediately available for the Radiologist (interpreting physician) to look at the ultrasound performed and dictate a formal report.

You, as the referring physician will receive this formal final report along with the sonographer worksheet the same day exam is performed. We will fax it back to the number provided on the referral. In the event of a positive alert or critical finding, our staff will keep the patient in our office while we phone your office and speak with  you or your nurse regarding those findings. This allows us to get direction on what to do with the patient based upon your input. 



Our PACS system does communicate with the PACS at our local hospitals (Billings Clinic and St. Vincent Healthcare) and so if you are provider within one of these facilities, you can immediately see the images on your workstation for outside studies. In addition, we can push images to facilities through Powershare (Nuance) platforms if you are set up for imaging sharing method.

If you are a provider or physician outside of Billings, you can request us to send you the ultrasound images via CD which will be DICOM and computer compatible for viewing. We do not create CD's on all patients and it is only when requested.  Most outside physicians do not wish to have the ultrasound images but rather only want the Radiologist report. However, if you wish to have the report and images, please let us know!

ERA logo.jpg

ERA (Eastern Radiological Associates is the physician Radiologist Group that interpret all the diagnostic-medical ultrasounds we perform at Picture Perfect Ultrasound. This group of Radiologists are experienced and licensed physicians who specialize in diagnostic imaging and Ultrasound.


All Cardiac Ultrasounds are interpreted by Licensed Cardiologists- Specialized physicians in Cardiac Imaging.

Our Staff:

Picture Perfect Ultrasound employs only ARDMS and RCIS -RCS Cardiac credentialed and registered Sonographers (Ultrasound specialists). We have an excellent staff of very experienced sonographers ranging from 10 to 30 years experience in all aspects of medical diagnostic ultrasound.

Our Sonographers continue to expand their medical knowledge and expertise in ultrasound by doing continuing education credits and attending seminars. 

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is owned by a Lead Sonographer, Buffy Stiles RT(R) RDMS RVT who has over 30 years experience in Diagnostic-Medical Ultrasound. 

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is conveniently located between downtown and the westend of Billings Montana. We are a ground floor, one level office with handicap accessible parking and plentiful regular parking just outside our front door. Picture Perfect Ultrasound has been in business since 2012 and is a Sonographer owned independent imaging center. We are a quality choice for outpatient imaging and can get patients in for appointments quickly. There is no need to wait for an appointment weeks or months away~ 

Our Imaging Center:

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