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Pelvic-Transvaginal Ultrasound

A Pelvic ultrasound is ordered when a physician is interested in seeing your uterus and ovaries. Often times, a clinician requests that we perform this type of ultrasound via a specialized ultrasound probe called an Endovaginal probe.

This type of hand held ultrasound transducer is unique in that it allows greater detail of the uterus texture, inner lining and surrounding anatomy such as the ovaries.

Typically Pelvic Ultrasounds are first performed using a full bladder technique. However there are instances where a Transvaginal or Endovaginal ultrasound is warranted and solely done.

The benefit of having a Transvaginal ultrasound performed is that we can closely evaluate the Endometrium or the inner most lining of the uterus. For patients with dysfunctional bleeding, possible polyps or fibroids, seeing internally like this provides a lot of information for the clinician as to the uterus and ovaries.

This probe is inserted vaginally. The tip that is inserted vaginally is prepped with a sterile probe cover that is specific to you. The other end of the probe is held by the sonographer in order to perform the ultrasound. Sound waves are emitted from the tip of the transducer that is inserted internally through the vagina. Images are then produced that can be evaluated by the sonographer and Radiologist.

Picture Perfect Ultrasound wants to ensure patient privacy and comfort and great measures are taken to ensure both are met during Transvaginal ultrasounds. If you are experiencing discomfort or pain during this procedure, please let the sonographer know and she will modify the approach or take a break to allow your discomfort to subside. Typically, however, Transvaginal/Endovaginal ultrasounds are well tolerated.

All of the images from your ultrasound will then be sent to a Radiologist (interpreting physician) for a report to be generated for your referring physician. You will receive the results of your Ultrasound from your referring physician or the provider who ordered this ultrasound to be performed. Please refer back to the physician's office that sent you to obtain results of your ultrasound exams.

Pelvic Transvaginal

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Pelvic-Transvaginal Ultrasound Prep

This type of Diagnostic ultrasound requires a physician or provider order prior to performing exam.

In order to have a vaginal ultrasound performed, the patient needs to have an EMPTY bladder. If you do present to your ultrasound appointment with a full bladder, we will ask that you empty your bladder prior to beginning the ultrasound exam.

You will be asked to undress from the waist down and put on a patient gown. A sheet will also be provided for you to cover yourself with entirely. Our exam beds at Picture Perfect Ultrasound have built in stir-ups which will allow you to get positioned in the appropriate manner. Your comfort is important to us and so we will ensure you are appropriately draped for privacy.

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