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Eastern Radiological Associates

Picture Perfect Ultrasound works very closely with Licensed Radiologists to provide final interpretations on all of our Diagnostic Ultrasounds performed within our imaging center. These Radiologists are always available to our Sonographers and images obtained in our office will be reviewed by the Radiologist prior to interpretation. 

Providers or physicians that refer patients to Picture Perfect Ultrasound will receive results the same day exams are performed. Your doctor will be able to review those results and relay them onto the patient. 


Our PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) allows for streamline reporting and seamless image transfer to the Radiologist and your referring physician if needed for review.  These Radiologists are licensed physicians who specialize in Reading diagnostic imaging: Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Nuclear Medicine and X-ray. 

ERA is a group of physicians all specialized in interpreting and performing diagnostic exams in the Radiology setting. Your physician can confer with the Radiologist as needed for further explanation of results. Picture Perfect Ultrasound keeps a copy of this Radiologist dictation report on your exam in your patient file. If you are needing this to be forwarded to any provider you are seeing, we are happy to do that with your permission and a signed medical release form.

Our Radiologists

Billings Questions? 

Your ultrasound exam will be divided into two portions when it comes to billing: Picture Perfect Ultrasound does the technical component of performing your exam and so Picture Perfect Ultrasound will only bill the TC or technical piece of your exam performed.  ERA, The Radiologists, do the interpretation or the professional component "PC and will be responsible for billing only that portion.

ERA, Eastern Radiological Associates are located in Billings Montana. This physician group uses their own billing company called APS. Picture Perfect Ultrasound does not utilize APS nor have any affiliation with APS. If you have any questions about your APS bill or the charges the Radiologist billed you or your insurance company, please give APS a call directly. Since we do not have access to APS files, patient or billing information, our staff at Picture Perfect Ultrasound will not be able to answer or remedy any billing charges or errors made during billing as that is APS sole responsibility. 

If you have any questions regarding your ultrasound or the technical piece of your exam, don't hesitate to call Picture Perfect Ultrasound at (406) 969-4340.


If you have questions about the Radiologists, their bill or need further information about how the Radiologist bill works, Contact APS via the attached info:




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