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(Infant Brain Ultrasound)

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Echoencephalogram Ultrasound

This type of Diagnostic ultrasound requires a physician or provider order prior to performing exam.

Neurosonography is the application of using ultrasound to evaluate the infant brain. Ultrasounds of the brain are called Echoencephalograms and are performed typically on infants 9 months old or younger.

In order to perform this test, ultrasound needs to penetrate the skull through the “soft spot” or fontanel in the top of the head. This soft spot is a space in the cranium that is normal in developing infants. It is through this area that we can image the brain to asses for anatomy and rule out any accumulations of cerebrospinal fluid.

There are many important structures in the brain that are necessary for normal brain function. Typically one of the reasons why a physician might order an Echoencephalogram on a young infant is because the baby’s head is measuring large for his/her age. Another reason might be that the baby is experiencing symptoms that correlate to abnormal levels of fluid on the brain.

Ultrasound gel is placed on the top part of the baby’s head in the soft spot and a small high frequency transducer is used to visualize the brain. Pictures are taken in two different planes to see as much brain anatomy as possible.

If the soft spot is small and/or the infant is older, it is often difficult to see well with ultrasound as it is highly dependent on good access through the skull. The older the child is the harder and more calcified the skull becomes.

Echoencephalogram Prep

The parent of the young infant will need to be present during the ultrasound as this often provides comfort and a calming factor for the child. Often these little ones want to move and/or fuss. If you have a bottle or something comforting, like a blanket, please bring that with you to the exam in the event the baby becomes fussy.

There is no prep necessary for the infant to have an echoencephalogram performed. Warm ultrasound gel is placed on the skull in the soft spot and immediately wiped off after the ultrasound. No other prep or clothing changes are necessary.

All of the images from your ultrasound will then be sent to a Radiologist (interpreting physician) for a report to be generated for your referring physician. You will receive the results of your Ultrasound from your referring physician or the provider who ordered this ultrasound to be performed. Please refer back to the physician's office that sent you to obtain results of your ultrasound exams.

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