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"Heart Ultrasound"

Cardiac Echo's do require a Physician Order or Provider Referral prior to exam. 

A Physician Order or Referral is required prior to beginning all Medical Ultrasounds

What is a Echocardiogram?

Cardiac Ultrasound is often referred to as a "Heart Echo" or Echocardiography. This is a type of non-invasive ultrasound that evaluates the anatomy and condition of the human heart. 

Evaluation of the heart is important when physicians are interested in learning how the heart is functioning; whether blood flow in the heart is appropriate to properly perfuse the body and whether the chambers, valves and overall anatomy is within normal limits.


Indications for having a Cardiac Echocardiogram can greatly vary. Patients with symptoms that may be related to the heart, personal or family history of heart disease, cancer treatment surveillance, pre-operative screening checks, sports physicals and preventative wellness evals are just a few reasons why a doctor might order a heart ultrasound to be done. 


Depending on your Insurance carrier or health plan, this type of ultrasound may require pre-authorization or "prior auth" prior to scheduling your appointment for a cardiac echo. Most insurance carriers and health plans do not require pre-auth or prior auth at this time; however each plan is unique and it is worth verifying with your referring provider whether a pre-auth is required. You can also call your particular health plan or insurance company to verify if pre-auth is needed.



Echocardiogram Prep


There is no specific prep in order to have a Echocardiogram or "Heart Ultrasound" performed. 

Upon entering the exam room, the Sonographer may need to get a current weight  by having you step on a scale prior to beginning study. Obtaining a current weight is important for certain types of cardiac evaluations and treatment. This information obtained will remain confidential as it is used for cardiac imaging purposes and reporting only. 


You will be asked to change into a exam gown which allows you as the patient to have modesty and coverage but yet is flexible enough to have the sonographer gain access to the views needed to be scanned. EKG sticker pads will be placed in key areas of the chest where heart is so your heart rate and heart rhythm can be assessed during the ultrasound. Warm Ultrasound gel is used and images are obtained by the sonographer using light touch with the hand held ultrasound imaging probe. 

A Cardiac Echocardiogram ultrasound is performed initially with the patient lying on their back on the exam table.  Once comfortable, the sonographer will gently raise your exam gown up slightly, possibly untie or unsnap the gown to gain access to the front of the chest. Your privacy will be maintained and our staff are very respectful in keeping you covered with only necessary areas exposed.


Additional views require the patient to roll onto their left side where the sonographer will gain access to the side of the LT chest for imaging. Additionally, the sonographer may obtain views from the notch of the neck-sternum area  as well as the lower level of the sternum to get cardiac views required for the exam. 

All of the images from your ultrasound will then be sent to a Licensed Cardiologist (interpreting physician) for a report to be generated for your referring physician. You will receive the results of your Ultrasound from your referring physician or the provider who ordered this ultrasound to be performed. Please refer back to the physician's office who sent you to obtain results of your ultrasound exams.

This ultrasound is performed by Licensed Sonographer who is registered in Cardiac Imaging with RCIS - RCS credentialling standards of ultrasound in cardiac medicine.

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