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Fertility- Follicular Ultrasound

Follicular Ultrasound for Fertility Patients

This type of medical ultrasound does require a physician order or referral prior to beginning the exam. 

Women who are planning on trying to conceive by natural method or under fertility treatment, ultrasounds are commonly done to evaluate the uterus and the ovaries.

Follicular ultrasounds evaluate the ovaries thoroughly and determine how many follicles or "cysts" are present that might yield an egg. 

Patients undergoing fertility treatments and hormone supplements, will produce many follicles and the size, quantity and appearance of those follicles is important. Based upon the size, the patient may know that ovulation is approaching and be able to plan for insemination, intercourse or appropriate egg implantation. 

In addition to viewing the ovaries in great depth, the uterus is of importance also because the lining (endometrium) thickness will vary based upon where that patient is in her fertility cycle or menstrual cycle. 

If the patient has not had a pelvic ultrasound prior to beginning fertility cycles, a routine pelvic ultrasound will be performed.

Your ultrasound will be reviewed and interpreted by a licensed physician (Radiologist) and the report will be sent to your referring provider after the exam.

follicular ultrasound-ovaries.jpeg

Follicular Ultrasound Prep

You may be asked to arrive with a full bladder just to take a peek at the direction of your uterus. It is good to see the direction o the uterus (tipped or not) prior to doing a vaginal.


You will be asked to empty your bladder after this initial peek. A vaginal ultrasound requires an empty bladder and this is the most sensitive and accurate way to evaluate the ovaries and follicles. 

A vaginal ultrasound does insert like a tampon into the vaginal canal about 2-3 inches. It is a hand held wand the sonographer will hold onto while inserted into the vagina. The transducer wand is draped with a sterile wrap that protects you and the probe. 


Picture Perfect Ultrasound does work with many fertility clinics from across the nation. We send all necessary and required paperwork and images immediately as requested as we know your fertility hormones, shot and cycles are very time sensitive. 

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