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General Health Survey

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You will receive a General Health Assessment that will provide insight on your history and any potential risk factors.

At this General Health Station you will be screened for:


You will start your appointment by filling out the appropriate health questionaire paperwork.

From the reception desk you will go to the General Health Station, the lab draw follows. After lab draw, you will receive the ultrasound portion of your screening.

You will receive the results of all of your wellness screening tests one week after your appointment. It will be mailed to the address you have provided in your registration form.

All of your screening results will be given to you. It will be your responsibility to share these with your physician or medical provider. If there is abnormal finding in your wellness screening that is life threatening or highly concerning, we will notify your physician at time of screening and/or refer you to the ER for immediate care.

You will receive a customized lab panel that will give you an excellent overview of your general health & wellbeing.

In the wellness screening package, you will receive these lab panels:

LIPIDS / CHOLESTEROLTSH (thyroid)AHEMP2 ( cellular & blood status)CMPA (a comprehensive metabolic panel of overall general health)

OPTIONAL LABS (not included in core package but reasonably priced)

PSA (males)VITAMIN DHIGHLY SENSITIVE CRP (a cardiac screening lab)HEMOGLOBIN A1C (diabetes screening)

PLEASE NOTE: You can read about each of these screening lab tests included in your package & read about the optional labs and what they specifically show byClicking HEREor check out the Wellness Lab Descriptions Page.

To learn more about PAML Laboratories, the company who will be processing your lab screening tests, please CLICK HERE

You will receive these screening services:

Screening Carotid Duplex: This is an Ultrasound that evaluates the blood vessels (arteries) in the neck. The sonographer will put warm gel on your neck to visualize these blood vessels on both sides of your neck. We will visualize and listen to these arteries to rule out plaque, blockage and concerns. A board certified Radiologist will interpret the screening Carotid and a report will be given.

Screening Aorta Ultrasound: This test is performed by lifting your shirt to access your belly. Warm ultrasound gel will be placed on your abdomen. The sonographer will assess your aorta, as much as is visible, from your heart to your lower belly. We visualize the aorta to rule out AAA (abdominal aortic aneurysm) or major blockages. A board certified Radiologist will interpret the screening Aorta and a report will be given.

Screening PAD Testing: This type of test is performed to determine whether you have circulation issues in your arms or legs. It is a screening tool to determine if there are blockages in the arms or legs causing blood pressure changes or diminished blood flow. An ABI (Ankle Brachial Index) will be performed. A board certified Radiologist will interpret this ABI and provide results in your screening report.

Screening Venous Test:Yellowstone Vein Center staff and JOBST representative Scott Tomy will perform a venous sufficiency screening test. This simple test will show whether you have venous insufficiency issues affecting the circulation in your legs. You will receive great information about whether varicose veins or other vein problems are occurring.

PLEASE NOTE: You can learn more about the staff & diagnostic imaging services at Picture Perfect Ultrasound by Clicking HERE

You can learn more about the board certified physicians (ERA radiologists) that interpret the ultrasounds by simply Clicking HERE

You can learn more about the staff who perform vein assessment for varicose veins, spider veins etc. by simply Clicking HERE