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Wellness Screenings can be physician ordered or patient elected. We encourage your physician to recommend that you are have a wellness screening by trained professionals. However, a physician order is not required or mandatory in order to participate in a Wellness screening event.

Healthy Montana Wellness Screening provides services at a significant discount to the recipients. You will be receiving high quality care at a price that is very affordable!

We do accept Cash, Credit or Debit cards only as payment for the Wellness Screening services to include the general health survey, lab draw and screening ultrasounds.

Sorry no personal checks will be accepted. We will collect payment prior to starting your wellness screening survey.

Typically, Insurance companies do not pay for Wellness Screening services. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your particular Insurance company will reimburse you for your wellness screenig fee. However, we do encourage you to provide a receipt showing you had these services as it may be applied to your deductible or flex dollars may be redeemed.

We will not be processing your Insurance company for wellness screenings. However, in the event you have an abnormal screening and need physician referred detailed diagnostic testing, we can and will process Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid and IHS for all other types of diagnostic ultrasound services performed by Picture Perfect Ultrasound.

You will receive a payment receipt that you are free to keep for your records and/or submit as a medical expense on your year-end taxes.


Payment will be due at your Wellness Screening appointment

Appointments are Available!

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