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How Healthy are YOU? Getting a Wellness Screening is one way you can find out whether you are healthy or if you may have underlying issues that are occuring.

Healthy Montana Wellness Screening is a collaboration of local medical providers to provide a safe, reliable wellness screening. You, as a patient, then have the privilege of accessing those physicians, providers or specialists if a need arises in the future. We are here for you, not only to meet your screening needs, but for future needs.

You can have confidence that the medical providers who are evaluating you are licensed, credentialed practitioners. They fill roles right within your local community, either in independent practices or within a facility.

Instead of getting your wellness screening from a company that comes through town and leaves again.... you now have the opportunity to work with local providers who are working together to promote health & wellness in a screening event.

You will receive results from all of your wellness screening testing by mail. We encourage you to share these results with your primary care provider or physician of choice.

Healthy Montana Wellness Screening



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