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SonoLIVE Technology

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Do you have loved ones far away that you wish could be with you during your Ultrasound?

Only $49.95

Unlimited Access for 30 days

Picture Perfect Ultrasound is excited to announce we can offer SonoLIVE to our patients receiving eletive 3D-4D ultrasounds. SonoLIVE is a web based technology that allows people to connect, much like a webinar. Your Ultrasound is sent to your loved ones by way of a secure broadband internet connection through a password protected site so you can feel secure that you have complete privacy. You can relax while you share the best day of your pregnancy with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.

Using SonoLive technology, with your personal invitation, your friends or family can log in using any PC and watch your ultrasound LIVE, while it is happening.

If they can't join your session live, they can re-play the video on demand at a time that is convenient for them. It is FREE for your friends/family to participate live or replay on demand as many times as they wish within the 30 day period. In addition to this internet streaming solution, you will receive your own personal web page that is available to you for 30 days after your Ultrasound session for no additional cost. You, your friends or family, can post photos, other videos and also leave comments making your online experience a full interactive one with loved ones.

PLEASE NOTE:Ultrasound is primarily a diagnostic imaging modality used to assess health & wellbeing in many applications. For expectant mothers, ultrasound is used to monitor the health & wellbeing of the unborn child in addition to ensuring maternal health. Having an elective 3D-4D Ultrasound should, in no way, replace having a diagnostic ultrasound and routine medical care with a licensed physician. To keep the integrity of Ultrasound, we recommend you receive the appropriate diagnostic testing prior to choosing any elective ultrasounds for entertainment purposes. If you have not received a diagnostic ultrasound yet , you can choose to have your diagnostic ultrasound performed at the facility of your choice or Picture Perfect Ultrasound. Physician or Provider referral is required for all diagnostic ultrasounds.