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Patients seeking medical attention can be referred for a Diagnostic Ultrasound to be performed at any facility they choose. In order to get an ultrasound for diagnostic purposes, it is necessary to obtain a physician script that documents the type of Ultrasound you are supposed to receive. This physician script, or order, verifies you have your doctors approval to get the test performed. Once you receive that script, you have the right to choose any imaging facility you wish for imaging purposes.Ultrasound can be performed on Men, Women and Children of all ages.Below you will learn key information on all ultrasounds and what you need to do to prep for your exam.***********************************USING CIRCLE ICON ON RIGHT SIDE,SCROLL DOWN TO SEE ALL DIAGNOSTIC EXAMS WE PERFORM

THE MOST COMMON DIAGNOSTIC ULTRASOUNDS: Click on the Exam Below to Learn More…


Abdominal – ABD: (to evaluate liver, spleen, pancreas, kidneys, aorta & gallbladder)

Abdomen UltrasoundAortaKidney or "Renal" Ultrasound***************************************************************Obstetric- OB: (to evaluate anatomy of fetus, provide gestational age or fetal wellbeing)Early OB Ultrasound - Less than 14 weeks pregnantOB Ultrasound - Greater than 14 weeks pregnant*****************************************************************Pelvic – GYN: (to evaluate uterus, ovaries and adnexa)Pelvic Gynecology Pelvic Ultrasound TransVaginal (endovaginal)Pelvic-Abdomen**********************************************************

Vascular: (to evaluate arteries, veins and blood flow physiology/anatomy)

Venous DopplerArterial DuplexCarotid Doppler*********************************************************

Small Parts: (to evaluate small organs or tissue)

Thyroid - ParathyroidBreastTesticular*********************************************************

Soft Tissue: (to evaluate muscle, tendon or skin)

Extremity-Soft Tissue*************************************************************

Echoencephalogram -Neurosonography: (to evaluate infant brain anatomy)

Echoencephalogram Ultrasound