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Breast Ultrasound

This type of Diagnostic ultrasound requires a physician or provider order prior to performing exam.

Breast ultrasounds can be performed on men and women of all ages. Some of the reasons why a breast ultrasound might be ordered include:

A patient feels a lump in his/her breast

• The doctor notes a fullness on clinical exam in a specific area of interest

• A Mammogram shows an abnormality (a lump that needs to be determined as fluid or not fluid)

• Discharge from the nipple

• Breast pain in a focal area with redness

• Family history of breast cancer and a specific target area to evaluate

Ultrasound of the breast is not used as a screening tool. Because Ultrasound is best used for pinpoint “target” areas of interest, physicians usually direct the sonographer to a specified area to scan. Doing ultrasound as a general health screening is not prudent or advised by Radiologists. We do not perform bilateral breast ultrasounds for general screening. If a physician designates a particular region of interest or quadrant to scan in each individual breast then we would be able to perform a bilateral or (RT and LT breast ultrasound).

Patients under the age of 40: The benchmark age for needing a mammogram or breast x-ray is 40 years of age. Patients, who feel a lump or have other symptoms in their breast that are under age 40, typically get an Ultrasound first before jumping to mammography. There are instances, however, where this is different and mammography is warranted no matter the age.

Patients over the age of 40: A mammogram is the first step in evaluating breast health in patients over the age of 40. Once a mammogram is performed, the Radiologist or interpreting physician will decide if a breast ultrasound is needed for further evaluation. Sometimes, however, your referring physician may also recommend an ultrasound be performed immediately following your mammogram.

In either case, if a nodule or “lump” is seen on your mammogram, Ultrasound is performed to determine whether that lump is fluid or not fluid. Fluid filled structures are typically called “cysts” and are usually benign. The size, location and patient history are taken into account and a plan of action is determined from that point.

If a lump seen on Ultrasound is not fluid, that means it has some type of “tissue” or solid component to the lump. Ultrasound cannot determine whether that lump is cancer or not. The only way a lump can be properly diagnosed, cancerous or not, is to have a breast biopsy. This type of biopsy procedure is not performed at Picture Perfect Ultrasound because it requires a nurse and a Radiologist to be involved with the test and a lab facility for sending the tissue samples quickly. Not every solid non-fluid lump seen on ultrasound requires a biopsy. Each patient’s history, the size of the lump, location and features are all taken into consideration prior to establishing a plan of action.

If you do have a breast ultrasound performed at Picture Perfect Ultrasound, it would be helpful to bring your mammograms and/or report with you for referencing. If a lump or nodule is found on an ultrasound done in our facility, we will make sure you are coordinated to see the appropriate staff for follow-up and reporting.

Breast Ultrasound Information

Breast Ultrasound Prep

If you have had a recent mammogram, it is extremely helpful to ask your physician or doctor’s office to fax us or send us a report from the mammogram you had most recently. This is especially important if we are following a lump felt in your doctor’s office and/or possibly seen in a mammogram performed at another facility.

Having your mammogram films or a report at the very least is very important and we do ask for your help and support in making sure we have all the appropriate information prior to scanning you for a breast ultrasound.

There is no specific prep otherwise for a breast ultrasound. You will be asked to undress, removing your shirt and bra for females. A gown will be provided for you to wear. If you have deodorant on, that is ok because it does not inhibit the ultrasound. If you are having a mammogram prior to the ultrasound however, you will need to remove your deodorant as the particles of the deodorant DO show up on a mammogram.

A breast ultrasound is very simple. You will be asked to lie on your back on the table, slightly tilted to one side or the other. For example, if we are evaluating your right breast, you might be asked to tilt to your left with your right arm above your head. This helps in flattening out the breast tissue and allows for better visualization.

Warm ultrasound gel will be placed on your breast in the area of interest (the pinpoint area you feel the lump or the specified area the physician designates as the area of concern) A hand held probe will gently maneuver over your skin to image the area of interest.

All of the images from your ultrasound will then be sent to a Radiologist (interpreting physician) for a report to be generated for your referring physician. You will receive the results of your Ultrasound from your referring physician or the provider who ordered this ultrasound to be performed. Please refer back to the physician's office who sent you to obtain results of your ultrasound exams.